Epoxy Garage Flooring & Concrete Coatings Charlotte | Fort Mill | Carolina

Decorative Flake

The perfect flooring system for any garage or outdoor concrete areas, installed using our built to last process. These floors are installed in one day and provide a UV stable, easy to clean, and extremely durable surface that’s guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Floors for..

Garages, Break rooms, Locker rooms, Restrooms, Cafeterias, Healthcare Facilities, Kennels.

Textured Color

Don’t like the flake look? Want to bring a little light to your basement or beautify your outdoor concrete? This is the system for you. With many colors and sizes of texture to choose from, we can customize the perfect non-slip flooring for your specific needs.

Floors for..

Garages, Break rooms, Locker rooms, Restrooms, Cafeterias, Healthcare Facilities, Kennels.

Metallic Marble

Have areas that need decorative, one-of-one designer epoxy flooring thats chemical and stain resistant? These floors are perfect for basements, showrooms, and anywhere you need quality flooring that you will be able to show off for years on end. Lets bring your vision to reality.

Floors for..

Basements, Showrooms, Restaurants, Waiting Areas, Commercial Businesses, Heavy Traffic Areas, Conference Rooms.

Additional Services

Let us beautify your pool deck area by resurfacing your outdoor concrete with our custom textured knockdown system and industrial grade coatings, creating a non slip texture and cooler surface thats safer for your family and friends!

Extremely durable, slip resistant and requires very low maintenance. Perfect for commercial areas that requires stain resistance and chemical resistance from routine cleaning.

Superior resistance to battery acid and other harsh chemicals.

Provides electrostatic dissipative protection for sensitive areas.

To fix problems from slab movement or heavy traffic and abuse in high traffic forklift areas.

Demarcation lines for forklift or predestination aisle ways.

Flake Colors

Select from our wide range of beautiful, durable, and stylish finishes. Whether you are refinishing the floor of your garage, basement, or patio, we have a color that will compliment your style and decor.

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